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Unique technology enables safe, painless and hygienic IOP measurement

The rebound technology is based on the rebound measuring principle, in which a very light-weight probe is used to make a momentary contact with the cornea. In the rebound technology, motion parameters of the probe are recorded during the measurement. An induction based coil system is used for measuring the motion parameters. An advanced algorithm combined with the state of the art software analyzes deceleration and the contact time of the probe while it touches the cornea. Deceleration and the contact time of the probe change as a function of IOP. In simple terms, the higher the IOP, the faster the probe decelerates and the shorter the contact time.

The rebound tonometers do not require any maintenance calibration or regular service. The tonometers do not have any parts that wear out. The probe base is the only part, which may require changing or cleaning by the user. The probe base change and cleaning is very simple and is described in the user manual.

Anesthesia is not needed since the touch of the probe is so gentle and the measurement is barely noticed by the patient.




  • Glaucoma is progressive disease which causes permanent damages to
    • Papilla
    • Optic nerve
    • Optic field
  • Main risk factors of glaucoma
    • Increased IOP (= intra-ocular pressure)
    • Age
    • Family history of glaucoma
    • Exfoliation Syndrome
    • Myopia
  • Target of Glaucoma treatment
    • To prevent eye sight damage and blindness
  • So far the only treatment method is to lower IOP
  • Can gradually steal sight without any warning or symptoms
  • Incurable disease which can cause blindness if untreated
    • Blindness is ranked 3rd (after cancer + heart disease) as people’s major fear
    • Glaucoma causes 9 – 12 % of all blindness
  • Early detection is vital to stop the progress of the disease, but vision lost cannot be regained
  • Most important, and only method to screen masses of population is rapid IOP measuring

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